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  See your award for your work on KPG!


Certificate for Alex.pdf

Certificate for John.pdf

Certificate for Maria.pdf 

 Certificate for Aias.pdf

Certificate for Georgia.pdf 

 Certificate for Poly.pdf 

Certificate fro Anastasia.pdf  

 Certificate fro Paris.pdf 

Certificate for Alex Avgerinos.pdf 


 Certificate for Chris.pdf 

 Certificate for Lefteris.pdf 

Certificate for Billy.pdf 

Certificate for Danae.pdf

Dear Kids hi!

as promised I have uploaded seven pages of revision exercises in a seperate folder calles "Practice exercises" in "Pages and Files".

Download the pages. You can do the exercises and save the document on your computer, put it in a stick and bring it to school on Tuesday January 8. 

Hope you are not too angry with me!

Enjoy your holiday but find some time for your English duties!



Your teacher

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dinosxenia@yahoo.gr said

at 11:05 pm on Jan 23, 2013

I can't see my certificate from the Announcements. BUT I saw it from my e-mail

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